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4-Week Program

Modern life is great! But it has messed up with our overall health and well-being. Most things have become convenient, fast and easily accessible. Not to mention, poor stress management and long hours on our desk bound jobs can seriously ramp up our cravings for certain foods.

On top of that, our efforts in trying to live a healthy lifestyle become increasingly difficult with all the mix messages around food, nutrition, health and fitness. We are overwhelmed with all sorts of super-foods, bad foods, good foods, diets and weight loss programs.

This is where I come in. I am here to help you reach that healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It is time for a Fresh Start For Life!

Here, you will find the TRUTH about what works when it comes to overall health, fitness, fat loss and weight management.

This program will help you:

Eat Better and cut through nutrition misinformation

Develop the skills, good habits and behaviours to manage health and weight

Identify your personal goals and outline next steps

Have more energy for all your daily activities

Incorporate fitness into your life

Learn to stay “on track” even when life gets in the way

Living a healthy and active lifestyle while meeting 100% of your nutrient requirement requires careful planning.

What to expect on the program:

Personalised nutrition plan – All plans are tailored according to your goals. These meal templates allow you to choose the foods that you enjoy.

Weekly check-ins – Each week, you will be required to keep me updated on how you’re going so that we can continue to make progress.

Weekly task and challenges – Each week, you will be given a task or challenge to complete.

Access to resources

Accountability and support

24/7 email and text support

The results? You will:

  • Build healthy lifelong habits and behaviours around food and nutrition
  • Gain control over your food choices
  • Proper weight management (if this is your desired goal)
  • Be empowered to make good food choices in any situation
  • Say goodbye to extreme diets and hello to sustainability
  • Become fitter
  • Gain confidence in how you look and feel

But what if:

  • I don’t have time
  • I’ve tried every single diet
  • I’ve failed before
  • I am currently very busy and stressed

Let me tell you this, YOU CAN DO IT! How do I know? Because my clients have gone through the same thought process.

Here’s the deal: If you are ready to change your body and your approach to food for life, this is it.


Nutrition Track’s 4-week program is NOT for everyone.


Having 100% success rate is important to us. We need to know that you are COMMITTED and will INVEST your time in this program. Let’s face it, the program will work, BUT only if YOU do.

Also, 1-on-1 coaching may not be right for everyone.

But if you are committed, then we are!

We promise:

  • A way of eating that will suit YOUR needs
  • Results that LAST
  • SUPPORT that you need
  • NEW knowledge

 Our Ultimate Goal

To empower you with knowledge and skills that you need to reach your goal so that you do not need us anymore.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and let’s get started!

“I watched what I ate thanks to Adele’s extremely thoughtful email and useful resources. My latest body fat dropped, and this was after my holiday! Overall, I feel happier as I know how to eat properly and not overeat. I wouldn’t have done it without her!”

Poay Nee

“Adele was diligent and absolutely wonderful to work with. What I loved was the handy reminders and that she was always available to answer questions in between sessions.”

Meredith Tomkovitch, Genting Berhad Malaysia


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