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General Consultation

This service is for those who would like a 1-on-1 consultation session and a customised prescription of what to eat in terms of food groups that will meet all of their energy and nutritional needs.

All consultation sessions include the following:

  • Discuss individual goals, concerns and needs
  • Evaluate current health status
  • Review any necessary medical history/lab tests
  • Full review and analysis of current dietary intake
  • Education on food, nutrition and overall health
  • Evidence-based recommendations and advice
  • Holistic approach incorporating nutrition, lifestyle, well-being and fitness
  • Overview report of current diet – including realistic targeted changes and strategies to deal with potential barriers
  • Habit and behaviour suggestions based on what you may need to work on

What you will get:

  • Comprehensive and tailored nutrition plan and advice
  • Customised food group recommendations that will meet your energy and nutrient needs
  • Customised energy and macronutrient targets
  • Sample meal plan template
  • Personalised habit and behaviour suggestions

This service is suitable if you are:

  • Unsure of what to eat in general
  • Unsure if what you’re eating is “right” or “enough”
  • Struggling to find the right nutrition strategy
  • Looking for a sustainable approach to healthy eating
  • Need help in preventing and/or managing chronic diseases

A few simple changes to your current diet may just be the key to feeling better and more energised! This session will allow you to analyse your eating habits, the foods that you are currently eating and inform you of where the gaps are.

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