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Nutrition Education, Talks and Presentations

Our educational and informative talks have been known to be engaging, highly interactive and motivational. We keep it simple and practical so that attendees are able to absorb and vrelate to the information delivered.

Who are these for?

  • Employees
  • Teachers and students
  • Coaches and athletes
  • Fitness professionals

Some options that you can work with are:

  • One-off nutrition education sessions
  • Series of nutrition talks
  • Group consultations
  • Cooking demonstrations

Our sessions are developed and catered to your needs. Fill out the enquiry form below to find out more!

“Attended a few talks by Adele and I learned a lot from her. With the knowledge obtained on healthy eating, I managed to help my daughter too. Adele is very helpful and knowledgeable, even my daughter enjoyed her session!”
Pong Chiew Ping
“I attended the “Nutrition for Runners” session and found it to be very informative. It would benefit anyone seeking to improve their athletic performance and gut health!”
Ahmad SyahRay Hatta
“Adele’s session was really educational! Nutrition is often the most overlooked aspect when it comes to running!”
Ang Chee Chyuan
“I loved the way Adele presented. I normally nod off during talks but her session kept me fresh and on my feet! She connects well with her audience. Good job! Looking forward to attending more of her talks!”
Teoh BJ

“Adele was very engaging, helpful and willing to share! We as Malaysians certainly need to be more aware of what we eat.”

Dickson Cheah, Garmin Malaysia


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