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I am Adele, qualified dietitian and founder of Nutrition Track. I am passionate in translating complex nutrition science into ways that will help you understand and gain confidence in making good health and nutrition choices.

We are not about quick fixes. Everything we do here is evidence-based. We strive to educate and empower you with knowledge and skills that will bring you a step closer to your health goals. We also aim to cultivate lifelong behaviour changes around food, fitness and lifestyle.

We care about you! So, tell us your story today!

To educate and to empower you to take charge of your nutrition choices!

Individual Consultation

Do you need personalised nutrition advice? Check out our services!

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Corporate and Athletic Teams

Nutrition Track strives to educate and empower your teams to take charge of their health by providing all the necessary tools, resources and advice. I offer tailored workshops, talks/presentations, cooking demos and more!

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Media and Communications

Do you need to convey nutrition, health and fitness information in ways that are engaging and easily digested?

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Food Industry

With so many special dietary requirements, food intolerances, allergies and health issues, consumers are demanding to know what exactly goes into their food and food products. Check out how we can help you meet these expectations!

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“I was struggling to lose fat despite eating clean and working out for months. Through Adele’s recommendation, I finally broke the plateau. I was also able to make better food choices. I’d recommend Adele’s service to anyone who needs a trainer and help in tailoring a diet plan.”

Lim Ai Wei

“Under the guidance of Adele Wong, you will be advised and coached on the latest science-based nutrition to help optimise your health and cultivate sound dietary habits. If you are into optimising sports performance, then Nutrition Track has the added bonus as Adele has proven credentials as a fitness trainer.”

John Yew

“Adele is friendly and a good speaker. She has a deep understanding of nutrition and is aware of all recent studies. Her session was very fun, interactive and informative. The talk was clear, with many detailed yet simple explanations. Overall, it was very interesting and useful!”

Wong & Partners
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