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Individual Consultation

We recognize the importance of an individualized approach to nutrition. During our consultation sessions, we will provide practical solutions to all your nutrition, food and health related issues. We are dedicated to helping you reach your health goals so that you can function at your best!

We specialize in weight management, athletic performance, chronic disease management, women’s health and fertility.

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All individual consultations come with a personalized and actionable plan to help guide you along your journey.

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Uncover nutrient deficiencies – When our bodies are not getting the right nutrients in the right amounts, our body fails to function optimally. When that happens, we wouldn’t be looking and feeling our best.

Nutrient deficiencies manifest itself in many different ways, often subtle making it hard to detect. Common examples are:

  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Poor concentration
  • Mood swings
  • Cracked lips
  • Acne

These are just some of the indications that you may be deficient in one or more nutrients. Of course not all of these are nutrition related, but the possibility is definitely there.

Prevent and/or manage chronic diseases – There are LOADS of information out there and not all of them are backed by science! Cut the noise and go straight to what actually works!

Weight management – This is an area that is often targeted by the industry – supplements, shakes, products etc. All of them focus on just ONE thing – fat loss. However, the behavioural, psychological and physiological aspect is often forgotten. Learn how to make effective changes that will LAST!

Optimise nutrition for training and performance – When it comes to performance, training is key. However, you still need the right amount of fuel to get going! A fast car will not get anywhere without fuel.

Get expert advice on fertility and pregnancy – Thinking about starting a family? There are SO many things to take note of! The right nutrition can support fertility, enhance pregnancy outcomes and ensure that your child gets the best possible start in life!

Discover the right supplements (if needed) – Already on a nutrient supplement? Are you taking it with good reason? Remember that over supplementation of certain nutrients can just be as harmful to the body.

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“Adele is very dedicated towards her participants and follows through the whole period consistently. She also gives very helpful tips and advice, which have contributed to clear improvements in my health.”

Marcus Yee, Genting Berhad Malaysia

“Adele was very engaging, helpful, friendly and willing to share! If possible, I want to learn more from her.”

Bert Thong, Genting Berhad Malaysia


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