6 Ways to Navigate Through the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is a time where we are surrounded by family, friends and LOADS OF FOOD!

I personally believe that we should relax and enjoy ourselves…


While ONE meal is not going to do much damage, MANY meals could!

So, here are 6 tips for how to handle ALL your parties and social events!

1. Load up on the veggies and protein – These two foods are satieting and will fill you up easily. This means that you’re likely to consume less overall.

2. Stop when you’re 80% full – You do not have to indulge till you feel sick! This may affect your overall health goal AND ruin the entire experience.

3. Eat SLOWLY – CHEW and SAVOUR your food! Pause and put your utensils down in between bites. This will help you to be more mindful of how you’re feeling. Enjoy good conversations with those around you!

4. Forgo foods you don’t care much for – Survey what’s available and only eat the foods that you REALLY want! Using me as an example, I’d forgo the bread/potatoes as I do not care too much for them. Find what would work for YOU!

5. Be picky about treats – As with point 4, do the same for desserts! Instead of eating ALL the desserts, pick one and enjoy it!

6. Cut down liquid calories – Drinks are SO EASY to over consume and can easily put you over your calorie limit! My advice would be to stick to WATER or diet drinks!

NOW you’re ready!

With the right strategy and action plan, you CAN have your CAKE and EAT it too!

Have fun!

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