Why do I have a slow metabolism?

Do you have a slow metabolism?


The good news is – Unlikely!


We tend to assume that our metabolism slows down as we age (especially when we hit 30s and 40s) and that this is the main cause of weight gain.


Fun fact: Your metabolism actually stays relatively stable from 20-60 years old! Research suggests that any change is potentially due to a decrease in physical activity and a loss of muscle mass, which comes down to lifestyle change.


Some examples of lifestyle change:

  • Uni/work
  • Moving out of home
  • Migration
  • Partner/marriage: your partner can influence your eating behaviours
  • More social events: eating and drinking
  • Stress


Some examples of changes in physical activity:

  • Less movement in general
  • Less time for physical activity
  • Not engaging in strength training
  • More sedentary


All of these factors can gradually lead to weight gain over time.


What can you do?


Here are some ideas of how you can stay active as you age and keep your metabolism firing! The other components that I talked about in “4 Ways to Boost Metabolism?” are important too!


Start working on these components today!



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