The First Step Program

Have you tried many diets but failed to achieve your goal?

Do you struggle to find the right amount of food?

Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels with nutrition and your weight?

Have you always wanted to do something about your health but have never taken that first step?

If you can relate to the above, then this “First Step Program” is for YOU!

This 1 month online group-based program is designed to help you take that FIRST STEP towards healthy living! What you will get on the program:

  • Personalised nutrition plan – Meal TEMPLATES (not meal plan) designed by Adele Wong (Dietitian) that will suit your goals. Meal templates allow you to eat according to your individual food preferences.
  • Nutrition guide – Everything you need to know about nutrition for health and fat loss
  • Supplement guide – Evidence-based guide on supplements that WORK
  • Activity challenge
  • Challenge calendar – Mini challenges each day!
  • Tracking sheet – To track your progress!
  • Support and accountability
  • Access to me via private FB group

Price: RM299

Start date: 8th JULY 2019

Register: Fill out the enquiry form below

Register by 1st July 2019 to ensure that your personalised plan can be ready by the 5th of July 2019!

Let us solve all your nutrition problems!

All YOU need to do is EXECUTE the program!



 1. I cannot give up my favourite treats (ice cream/cookies/chocolates etc), will I be able to have them while on this program?

The short answer: Yes, you certainly can!

Long answer: Eating more highly processed foods might mean that you are depriving your body of key nutrients to function at its best. Plus, these foods do not keep you full and satisfied.

2. What do you mean by meal templates?

I personally do not believe in rigid meal plans when it comes to long-term nutrition and health.

Disclaimer: There is a time and place for meal plans but not here. For most of us, it is NOT sustainable.

Your nutrition plan will provide you with food group targets (veg, fruit, protein, carbs, fat, dairy), based on your lifestyle and health goals. From there, you will be able to build your own meals from the food list provided and choose the foods that YOU LIKE!

This means that YOU are in CONTROL!

3. Will this program work?

Yes! BUT… only if YOU do!

Don’t worry. I will be there with you every step of the way!

The program is designed to help you understand the fundamentals and steps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

4. Does this program come with supplements/meal replacements?

NOPE! No supplements, meal replacements, detoxes etc.

You get to eat FOOD!

The First Step Program Reviews:

Left: Dec 2018; Right: 25th Jan 2019 (Week 3 of the First Step Program)

“Very highly recommended, especially for those struggling to eat healthy and lose weight. I’ve lost 11 cm and 6.6 kg within a month of working with Nutrition Track’s Adele Wong on the NT First Step Program.

Sensible, sustainable and no nonsense nutrition and diet plans to help you kick start your health and fitness journey. Adele provides you with the knowledge and know- how to cut through the vast swathes of vague, unhelpful or just plain wrong notions about food, drink, and exercise.

Her attention to detail in designing this program was excellent. I found the structured approach helpful in building a foundation for good eating and exercising habits. She was also empathetic and mindful about those who are in urgent need of a body system reboot like myself – her recommended exercises were challenging but achievable for beginners or those just starting to set foot in a gym. In doing so, she manages to avoid the problem of ‘too much, too soon’ which leads to stress, demoralisation and injury.

Above all, Adele is authentic, and her approach to fitness and nutrition reflects that same realness. If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your long term health and fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place.”

~Petrina Tan, Spore~

“If you think you might need help with your nutrition and overall health, Nutrition Track is where you should start! Do it – you won’t be disappointed!! There are no quick fixes or gimmicks, just facts, figures and a lot of support.

I was terrified of putting myself out there and asking for help, but I decided to take part in Nutrition Track’s First Step Program over the first four weeks of January. Now the program has ended, I can honestly say it has changed my life! 5.5kg down and 9cm gone off my waist are the physical changes, but it’s the mental and emotional changes I have noticed being my biggest achievements – funny how food can make you feel!

Adele’s approach to nutrition, health and wellness is both encouraging, enjoyable and most importantly, sustainable. Adele was always easy to contact and there to talk through things if I needed. That, and the support of the online Facebook community we had, was amazing.

I can’t thank Adele enough for all her hard work creating the First Step program. If you’re lucky enough to get to participate in one of these programs, you’ll get to see the hard work, dedication and passion Adele has for her craft – you can’t lose.”

~Jessica Earl, KL~

“Highly recommended program. I learned a lot, especially on eating and nutrition as well as managing stress. Even though weight loss was my target, I gained many insights on nutrition, what to eat, what to do and how to improve on bad eating habits.”

~RW, KL~

“Adele of Nutrition Track is not only highly knowledgeable, but she is very friendly, down-to-earth, supportive and non-judgmental about our struggles with food, life and challenges that we face in trying to improve our diet and health.

She provides a guide to your meals by using portions, and it is up to you to decide on your meals, making it customized to your own preference. Everything she teaches is evidence-based to provide a sustainable change, and not just another fad.

I have recommended Adele to both family and friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health by healthy eating. Thanks Adele!”

~Doris Ng, KL~

“Simple and effective program, given that you are well disciplined enough to follow the meal plans and challenges. Also good motivation among the members t0 support each other.”

~Ping Ting, KL~


Need to know more? Fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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